So can I do a tattoo in any form or style of my choice?


For now, I only design tattoos in my numerous creative styles. However, it’s always easy to find something you’d really fancy. Just check my gallery which is riddled with so much inspirational art.

How long will my design take?


Just about two days

How much will my custom design tattoo cost?


Well the price of a customized design starts around 85 euro. This price however doesn’t include design correction. The cost of one correction is 15 euros(no more than 30% of the design.) Payment is made in full after a personal consultation via email before the process of creating a design begins.

I want to get my custom design. How do I get started?


First fill out the contact form or send me an email with a detailed description of your desired design. Of course if you don’t have it visualized to perfection, don’t worry, as I will be a guiding light working everything hand in hand. Immediately I give a quote, and you make the payment, work begins in earnest. After payment is made, I will create one design and send you the screenshot in the next two days. You have to check out the designs and let me know if you need changes done to some elements. However, please bear in mind that this comes with extra costs. After corrections have been made, I’ll send files in pdf, jpg format.

I live in another country. How can I do this?


The beauty of online businesses is that their tentacles can reach anywhere. I have remotely worked with clients from all over the world and so distance is not a barrier. My clients receive their custom tattoo designs instantaneously no matter where they are in the world.

What’s The Payment Method?


PayPal is the singular payment method for now.